Skin Cancer and Melanoma

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Skin cancer treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis.  At KM Surgical and Dermatology Associates we have specialist expertise and training to ensure that the correct diagnosis is made.

Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the most common types of skin cancer but in fact there are also hundreds of other different and less common skin cancers which are equally important.  ALL SKIN CANCER should be taken seriously.
Because there are so many types and sub-types of skin cancer a biopsy might be required before definite treatment is undertaken.  Sometimes, however, this is not required when the exact diagnosis is clear clinically. 

Skin cancer precursor conditions such as solar (actinic) keratoses are often present in fair skinned and sun affected patients.  These conditions can be managed with treatments such as liquid nitrogen or with 5 fluorouracil (Efudix®) cream or photodynamic therapy (PDT).  Other modalities such as the immune response modifier imiquimod or laser resurfacing with the CO2 laser may sometimes by indicated and for individual lesions surgical shave excision or curettage and electrosurgery may be preferred.

Melanoma can be a fatal condition if not recognised early and treated with curative surgery.  Other cancers such as merkel cell and angiosarcoma may be equally lethal if not recognised early.  A thorough skin and mole check with an experienced dermatologist will help to make sense of things.

The majority of skin cancers are well defined and can be adequately visualised and identified for surgical excision (see further).  When cancers are more complex, ill defined, recurrent or of a potentially aggressive subtype in high risk areas, Mohs surgery may be indicated (see further)

For skin cancer treatments, the primary objective is to fully excise the skin cancer but at KM Surgical we also have an emphasis on achieving good aesthetic outcomes which are so important for any skin sites. 

Effective skin surgery includes many techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Mohs micrographic surgery is a specialised procedure for the microscopically controlled excision of skin cancer.  Mohs gives the highest cure rate for non-melanoma skin cancer (approximately 97%) and is the most advanced and effective treatment procedure for invasive basal and squamous cell skin cancer available today.  Mohs surgery is performed by specially trained dermatologists (Mohs surgeons.)

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